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Sephra is of one the most well-known dipping chocolate manufacturers. These bitter-sweet dark chocolate chips contain 61.9% cocoa, giving you the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. And, these chips are packaged in 2-pound bags. This is about the minimum amount of chocolate you need for a chocolate fountain.

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Step 1: Pick the Location. The first step in setting up a chocolate fountain is to pick a good location. Avoid Rain, Wind & Sun. It is important to choose a spot that will not be exposed to rain, wind, or sunshine. The rain can add too much moisture to the chocolate, and make it harder to pump.

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1. Microwave option. Here, you will pour your chocolate callets into a microwave-safe bowl and set the heat to 1-minute spurts for an 800W oven. Then stir the mixture and return it to the microwave for 1 more minute. Keep checking the chocolate until it is well melted.

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Step 2. Before you preheat your machine as directed (just 3-5 minutes for the Nostalgia), you'll want to heat the chocolate.Measure out 1 ¼ cups heavy cream per 20oz. of chocolate, preferably a high-quality dark chocolate like Guittard or Valrhona, though you could also use a milk chocolate for fountain or fondue prep (see notes to use white chocolate).

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Best white chocolate option. Sarah's Candy Factory Melting Milk Chocolate Wafers. Sold in 3-pound bags. Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Flavored Melting Wafers. Super versatile. ChocoMaker Dark Chocolate Dipping Candy. Won't set at room temperature. 1. Sephra Belgian Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain.

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Take our Red Oil-Based Food Coloring and our Belgian White Chocolate - and voila! That's all you need! Just melt the white chocolate and slowly dribble the color over the fountain till you reach the desired shade. Here are a few handy hints to getting the effect just right… things aren't always brown and white!

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Learn how to set up a chocolate fountain at home in just 5 steps & 15 minutes! 🍫In this video you'll learn where to get & how to put together a chocolate fo.

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Grad Party Chocolate Fountain Themes Becoming-An-Adult. Coming-of-age may sound more like a movie or book genre than a party theme, but for a more sophisticated touch at your grad party, try using these more adult dippers at your next gathering:. Biscotti, both sweet and savory options; Coffee cookies for a caffeinated kick; Maraschino cherries with a touch of whipped cream (after dipping, of.

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Dark chocolate is a popular choice for chocolate fountains due to its rich and intense flavor. It has a higher cocoa content, which gives it a thicker consistency that flows well in the fountain. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, has a creamier and sweeter flavor. It is a great option for those with a sweet tooth and pairs well with a variety.

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Set up the Fountain: Assemble the fountain according to the instructions provided. Make sure it is placed on a level surface to avoid any chocolate spillage. Preheat the Fountain: Before adding the chocolate, turn on the fountain to warm up the base. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes.

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Plug in chocolate fountain. On the chocolate fountain, turn on the heat setting. Let it heat up for at least 2 minutes. Then pour the melted chocolate into the base of the fountain. Next, turn on the motor. Let the motor run for 2 minutes. Then turn off the motor for 30 seconds but leave the heat setting on.

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Preheat on " Keep Warm ", "Very Low", or "Flow" (depending on your machine) for at least 5 minutes. Pour the melted chocolate mixture into the center of the bowl at the base of the fountain. Set the fountain to flow. The spiral augur inside the tower will draw the chocolate to the top.

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Add to the Fountain: Once the chocolate is at the right consistency, it is ready to be added to the chocolate fountain. Remember to keep the chocolate at a consistent temperature to ensure it remains fluid throughout the event. Most chocolate fountains have a heating element that will keep the chocolate at the correct temperature.

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Set up your chocolate fountain according to the package instructions. Using a sharp knife, shave and cut the chocolate bars into small chunks (about ½") then place into a large glass or metal bowl along with the coconut oil. To create a double boiler, find a small or medium pot and fill with about 2 inches of water.