Low Light Plants Popular Indoor Hanging Plants for Low Light

5 Best Indoor Hanging Plants that Require Low light + Care Guide

Here's a list of 10 best indoor hanging plants for low light (in no particular order). Classic Heartleaf Philodendron with variegated leaves (Philodendron hederaceum "Brasil"). Credit: Yay Images. 1. Heartleaf Philodendron ( Philodendron hederaceum) The Heartleaf Philodendron is a good variety for low light.

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3. ZZ Plant. Hanging Plants for Low Light ZZ Plant. The Aroid Palm, or ZZ plant, may have an unusual name, but it has been known to make a fun addition to any home. Their full name is "Zambioculcas zamiifolia", hence the "ZZ.". People are drawn to their dark green, large leaves that grow in feathery rows.

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13 Low-Light Hanging Plants Hoya. There's something about growing hoya in a hanging basket that just seems right. Rather than dangle downward, its stems might raise up and out to the side, almost as if the plant is shrugging. If you have a rather impressive hoya cultivar, a hanging basket is a great way to show it off!

The 7 Best Hanging Plants for Low Light Environments

Other names: Swiss Cheese Plant, Swiss Cheese Vine, Five Holes Plant.. Adanson's Monstera is a rare and unique flowering plant, with holes in its leaves. It shares the Swiss Cheese Plant nickname with its cousin Monstera Deliciosa, which is a much more popular houseplant. Like a vine, this smaller relative of the Monstera Deliciosa is capable of both hanging and climbing.

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2) Boston Ferns. Boston Ferns are another great option when it comes to low-light houseplants that don't require much sunlight. They have lush green fronds which look stunning when hung from baskets or planters around your home, as well as being incredibly hardy and resilient despite not needing direct sun exposure.

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11. Impatiens. Impatiens ( Impatiens spp.) will blossom indoors, even in low light. The plants might grow rather leggy, but they'll still give you flowers. Better yet, if you give them some brighter light in a north- or east-facing window for part of the year, you can encourage bushy growth and more abundant blooming.

Low Light Plants Popular Indoor Hanging Plants for Low Light

This one prefers moderate light but will tolerate low light. Let it dry out between waterings. Pro Tip: Cut back the longest vines every few months to encourage new growth for a full and lush.

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Low Light And Hanging Plants @hannah_khan_5555. Low light is a common problem for indoor spaces, and most plants like bright light, but there are due exceptions. When it comes to hanging baskets, what you'd ideally want are arching branches or fronds, draping foliage, or even trailing vines and stems to achieve that cascading effect.

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English Ivy (Hedera helix) The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong. English ivy can spread as a ground cover outdoors, but as a low-light indoor plant, it simply offers a beautiful trailing effect of small and dainty green leaves. Indoors, place your English ivy in a location that receives indirect light.

5 Best Indoor Hanging Plants that Require Low light + Care Guide

Golden pothos is tolerant of both drought and flooding. Temperature: The ideal temperature range for golden pothos is 70°-90°F (21.1°-32.2°C). Light: Pothos plants can tolerate low light conditions but grow best in bright, indirect light. Humidity: Golden pothos tolerates both high and low humidity levels.

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Philodendron. Jacob Fox. One of the best low-light indoor plant varieties, philodendron, is very tolerant of dark interiors. This fast-growing vine works well in hanging baskets or can be trained to climb a small trellis or totem. Two newer varieties offer colorful foliage.

5 Best Indoor Hanging Plants that Require Low light + Care Guide

Find growing tips for your spider plant! General Tips for Low-Light Plants Select the Right Varieties. When selecting a plant to bring home, be mindful of the different varieties of each species of plant, as certain varieties can have different light preferences. For example, the manjula pothos are an example of a variegated plant.

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The neon leaves will still grow in low light, so don't worry about the plant losing its color. Light: Full shade to bright, indirect light. Mature Size: Vines can grow up to 15 ft. in the right conditions. Water: Allow for the top two inches of soil to dry out between waterings. 11 of 16.

Low Light Plants Popular Indoor Hanging Plants for Low Light

Watering requirements are minimal, every 2-3 weeks to even once a month in the non-growing season, making it a great low-maintenance plant. ZZ plants don't tolerate too high or low temperatures, so keep it around 18-23 ℃. 4. Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema spp.) manchesterjungle.

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This hanging flower plant can survive in low light but grows and flowers best in medium to bright light. Got a spot next to a sunny window? That would be perfect. 02 of 23. Brasil Philodendron . Costa Farms. Philodendrons are considered practically indestructible by many plant parents. These easy-going plants can be grown hanging in a basket or.

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The Rattlesnake Plant (Goeppertia lancifolia) has variegated evergreen foliage in green and yellow colors.It is a perennial that grows 18-30 inches in height and 24-36 inches in width. There are tiny white flowers that bloom on occasion. It's also fine as a low light plant, with the Rattlesnake Plant doing well in partial or dappled shade and is tolerant of humidity.